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 Natural 5 Stars Cleaning  


About Us

We promote a healthy environment.

Natural 5 Stars Cleaning was founded in 2001, when just few companies like me beginning using natural products to keep a health environment.

   After reading the labels of traditional household products sold in our local supermarkets and department stores, I decided to do research on these cleaners. I was shocked to learn that, although these products cleaned well, the ingredients found in them contained dangerous toxic chemicals and poisons that were actually quite harmful to people, pets, and greatly affected our indoor air quality. 

I took extra precaution to ensure that my costumers and I breathe a clean and healthy air, during and after the cleaning process.


  Many of the cleaners found on store shelves contain caustic chemicals such as: chlorine bleach, ammonia, lye, and even fragrance, just to name a few. Using these household cleaners for an extended period of time is said to potentially cause many short to long term health affects like: headaches, watery eyes, burns, lung problems, and some were known to be neurotoxic or could cause cancer.

  After this important found an idea occurred to me. Not only for myself  even to apply in my company to enjoy better health in a greener and cleaner home environment, but I could also shares with others a choice of experiencing a natural  service that provided an alternative option to companies that only offered cleanings with dangerous chemical cleaners. I was certain that there were other individuals like myself who preferred to live a natural  lifestyle.  For this reason, I set out to create  a cleaning company that only utilized natural, non-toxic and plant-based products. These earth-friendly solutions would significantly contribute to improving our indoor air quality, leave no residue after use, and safe for everyone. I took the natural initiative to build a professional and elevated service that provided each customer the same level of cleaning  I would expected be completed in my own home.

All employees hired by Natural 5 Stars Cleaning undergo an intensive training to educate them on all the services we offer. Not only are they instructed on how to provide quality cleaning services, but are also trained on using our select eco-friendly products in order to ensure our customers receive a friendly and professional cleaning.

Today, I am constantly provide my family of customers to natural cleaning services for residential / commercial use, also because I contribute to the reduction of pollutants, so our main goal is a natural environment / business.